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Cumin Seeds

HS code091099
TypeMachine Cleand/Sortex
Purity98% / 99% / 99.5% 
Foreign Matter2% / 1% / 0.5% Max 
Moisture10.00% max 
Total Ash9% Max 
Packing10/25/50 kg in jute or vacum bag


HS code070320
Size:30 to 70 mm
Packing500gm/1kg Standard in Mesh bag 10//25/40/50 Kg in Mesh Bag

Black mustard seed

HS code091099
TypeMachine cleaned / Sortex 
Moisture5% max 
Packing200gm/500gm /1kg &as per your requirement

Fennel seed

HS code090961
TypeMachine Cleaned/Sortex
Packing-200gm/500gm /1kg &as per your requirement

Black Pepper Extract

HS code090411
Type100% natural,GMO Free
GradeAAAGrade, Pharmaceutical Grade, Cosmetic Grade
Packing100gm/200gm/500gm /1kg 

Coriander Seed

HS code091099
Type-Whole And  Splits
Moisture12-14% Max 
Immature Seed3%max 
Broken5% Max 
packing25/50 kg 
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